Antique Vehicles

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Date range: 
CE 1899 to CE 1905

The Antique collection is defined as those vehicles built up to 31 December 1904 anywhere in the world. This definition is taken from The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) for 'Ancestor' vehicles. The Museum's collection includes some rare examples such as the 1899 Shearer Steam Carriage - the earliest surviving example of a steam powered vehicle manufactured in South Australia, and an 1897 Peugeot chassis - an early example of an imported production vehicle.

Surviving vehicles built before 1905 are rare and the National Motor Museum has a small but significant collection. Usually these cars were imported from European countries such as France. Generally these vehicles were imported fully finished, including chassis and bodywork, reflecting the typical ownership of these vehicles as reserved only for the very wealthy. The collection also features the local hand-built experiments, such as the Ohlmeyer Jigger. As fully imported cars were the realm of only the very wealthy, some local manufacturers created one-off experiments in mechanical engineering.  
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