A World Away: South Australia's War

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August 2014 – November 2018
Tuesday, 24 March 2015 - 1:00pm
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History SA

When war broke out a world away in Europe, South Australians could not have imagined how it would impact their lives. During the centenary of this event, join us as we delve into some of the very personal stories of people who lived through these times. A World Away: South Australia’s War is an online project that explores the events of the war in real time, using the words of those who were there, month by month, as events unfolded.

In a series of monthly posts based on letters and diaries, you can explore the battlefield experiences, and discover a soldier’s perspective on the war – the key battles, the ebbs and flows of being in and out of the lines, and the flashpoints of strategic offensive and defensive campaigns. You can also see newspapers and other material from the day to find out what it was like for those left behind in South Australia.

This project draws on the resources of the State Library of South Australia to share the perspectives of South Australians who expereinced the First World War at home and abroad.

This project is supported through funding from The Australian Government’s Your Community Heritage Program.

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This is something everyone should see. History should not repeat itself.

Heren Sokken

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