Celebrate all Australians this Australia Day at the Migration Museum

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Celebrate all Australians this Australia Day at the Migration Museum

In the run-up to Australia Day, the Migration Museum is inviting visitors to come and meet some of the newest South Australians. ‘Changing places: migration now’ is a temporary exhibition at the Migration Museum which looks at contemporary migration to South Australia since 2012. The exhibition explores who is migrating to South Australia right now, where they are coming from, and why.

We interviewed and photographed over a dozen people to learn how contemporary migration is experienced, and how government policy shapes individuals’ migration journeys.  Life-sized colour portraits by photographer Rachel Harris allow visitors to meet these recent arrivals at eye level as they tell their stories – the ups, the downs, the worries and the victories.

Our digital touch table delivers data about recent migration patterns in an interactive and engaging way, using the latest technology to highlight the dramatic changes of the last fifteen years: temporary migration has overtaken permanent migration; the countries from which we draw migrants have changed, with India, China and the United Kingdom now South Australia’s major source countries; the impact recent geopolitical events have had on Australia’s treatment and acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers.

Australia Day provides an opportunity to reflect on how Australia welcomes those coming to our shores. Come along and find out more!

The Migration Museum is open from 10am to 5 pm on Australia Day.