Sharing the Road – Tour Down Under meets the Bay to Birdwood

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When the Tour Down Under passes through Birdwood at around midday on Friday 20 January the riders will be welcomed by a guard of honour of up to 150 vintage, veteran and classic vehicles.

A spectacular display as the riders pass the picturesque National Motor Museum and its historic Birdwood Mill building weaving between spectators and a backdrop of colourful and characteristic veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

“Both the Tour Down Under and the Bay to Birdwood are a test of wheels, ingenuity and endurance The Bay to Birdwood and Tour Down Under are massively popular events that attract people from diverse backgrounds to participate from the roadside cheering on the entrants in their epic journey from the Adelaide Plains to the Hills,” said Bay to Birdwood Chair, Michael Neale.

The National Motor Museum celebrates the development of two-wheeled pedal power through the display of many early motorized bicycles at the Museum. These include: an 1884 steam-powered bicycle, a 1904 Minerva and 1913 Wall Auto-Wheel - both examples of clip-on engines, and an all Australian-made 1943 Malvern Star, to name just a few.

“There are transition points in history that we like to draw attention to at the Museum. One of these is the bicycle to motorbike. In a way, we have come full circle, as we have seen motorised bicycles become popular again in recent times,” said Museum Director, Paul Rees.

Visual display – photo opportunities
To mark the occasion and celebrate the strong links between cycling and motoring, up to 150 South Australian community collectors and recent Bay to Birdwood entrants will form a guard of honour with their historic vehicles along Shannon Street.

Interviews available
Paul Rees, National Museum Director. Michael Neale, Bay to Birdwood Chair. Kevin Noel, Federation of Historic Motor Clubs SA Representative.