Values and Vision

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  • We recognise that history is a complex tapestry woven of many stories, some incomplete, that capture people and their times and place – including what is happening now.
  • We research, collect, preserve and share material culture and document our non-material culture to better understand the past and the present. 
  • We respect the dignity of every person, alive or deceased. We treat colleagues and the public with respect, demonstrating this through the highest standards of service, professionalism, honesty and integrity. 
  • We connect with people in all locations using digital communication tools.
  • We celebrate diversity in all its many aspects.


We are a renewed and contemporary History Trust of South Australia. Our agenda is inclusive and adventurous. We remain as proudly expert and professional as we are accessible and open. We are an active partner in creating a positive future informed by our unique identity.

Our museums are welcoming and adaptable – social places where visitors of all ages, backgrounds, purposes and abilities know their community is included and their stories valued. They are places where visitors don’t have to whisper, and can be confident that their experience has integrity.

We will celebrate the ordinary as well as the extraordinary, relying on our excellent and extensive research.

We will take the collection out of the store, creating and presenting events and exhibitions that inspire curiosity for locals and for visitors alike. These will ignite spontaneous conversations between strangers and provide excitement for school-age children. We will explain how the connectedness between South Australians and the world has been shaped by our history.

South Australia’s unique history should be an essential part of what all South Australians and our visitors can experience. It explains our society and the way it works, and how this feeds into the giant story of human endeavour across our world.

We are dedicated to giving our special past a future.